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Why Kashmir for the G20 Summit?

Niranjan Bhombe

Soham Athavale

30 May 2023

"We all have witnessed the recent meeting of G-20 Tourism Working Group which took place in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir....."

.....Around 60 delegates attended the meeting. It was a well-planned and well executed event. But why did the government choose Kashmir specifically for this meeting? There are several reasons for this.


Bharat took over the G-20 presidency this year that is 2023 for 1 year. G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting was one of the 200 planned meetings in 2023. The location was specifically chosen. It gave an exposure to Kashmir on a global platform.


In 1947 Bharat became independent. Purposefully the partition of Jammu and Kashmir was laid incomplete by the departing British. This eventually laid to a conflict. Then intellectual government made a simple bilateral issue global. UN intervention was requested and the area was declared disputed. Since then a negative image of Kashmir was projected in front of the world by Pakistan and some Bharatiya media houses. An image of a disturbed state. Terrorism was flourishing under the name of insurgency. Frequent bomb blasts, no employment and no peace. Plus so called media houses blamed Bharatiya Army of atrocities. Post abrogation there was much long lasting peace. But the world did not know about it. Some kind media houses took care of this. When Bharat hosted a global meeting with the media houses from those countries and showed Kashmir and its prosperity to the world, all the myths were busted on their own. The propaganda of Kashmiris not willing to stay with Bharat vanished like water from a hot pan.


The G – 20 Tourism Working Group meeting showcased a new image of Kashmir as well as Bharat. The development rolling out in Jammu and Kashmir, the trust being built among the locals, the employment opportunities being created and terrorism being reduced. A vibrant and positive image was put forth in front of the world.


The G – 20 Tourism Working Group meeting threw light on various development projects kick started by the government in the valley. It projected valley as a beautiful tourist destination. People around the world saw how beautiful Kashmir is. In coming days we will witness an increase in foreign tourists in Kashmir. This will boost Kashmiri cottage industries.


With this move Bharat also gave a strong message to its kind neighbors Pakistan and China and eventually whole world that Bharat will do things which are in favor for its people, then no matter how strong the international pressure might be.


The last but not the least, Bharat has showcased its military might. Since past few months there was a rise in terror activities in the valley. Rashtriya Rifles has been cleansing the valley for the long time. Even in such sensitive area Bharat has conducted an international event with 60 foreign delegates. A 3 tier security was maintained. Outer circle consisted of J&K police, middle layer had Central Armed Police Forces and the inner tier consisted of Marcos and NSG. Dal was continuously being patrolled by Marcos and CRPF water wing. Anti-drone system was looked after Army and NSG. The security grid, Army and Rashtriya Rifles designed a counter plan to thwart all potential threats, vehicle – borne IEDs, suicide bombings, sticky bomb attacks, drone attacks and grenade attacks. The meeting location was continue under overhead observation. Army was on maximum security level on Kashmir’s major thoroughfares and other key road connections. Before the meeting, PMO, Union Home Secretary and Director IB reviewed the security arrangements. Moreover there no restrictions on the people as it was a public event.


Thus the event was a great success and many people had their intensions crushed of maligning the reputation of Bharat globally. Another feather added in the cap.


Jai Hind!!!


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