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The Future Saga of Bharat and the newly found Lithium reserves

Niranjan Bhombe

Santosh Biradar

20 February 2023

"Arab countries were angry with the west due to continuous support of west to Israel. They knew they can't defeat....."

August 23, 1973 Riyadh

.....Israel backed by West because they have modern war weapons but they knew that they also have one weapon n that is Oil and they decided to use it. Just imagine world 150 years ago when there were no Cars, bikes, trucks, buses etc. Middle east was not developed but then petrol vehicles came. Since middle east have abundance of oil reserve so it brought money and prosperity there biggest losers were India and China These countries don't have oil reserve so they're completely dependent on middle east for their petrol requirement n that caused increase in their import bills.

US businessman John Rockefeller was the first one who realised the importance of Oil long ago in 1869. In 1973, Arab countries used oil as a weapon to teach lesson to West and raised price of Oil by 300% that caused great world recession. US secretary of state Henry Kissinger resolved the issue and gave huge power to Arab rules, Israel withdrew its troops from Suez and in return Arab countries started dealings in Petro dollars. Though Middle East is largest oil producer but many of their reserves are under control of USA's Rockefeller group. But now this US Middle East alliance soon might lose the power because a new white oil has come and that white oil is Lithium. Lithium is lightest metal of world, its periodic table number is 3 just after Hydrogen and Helium. Lithium is used in rechargeable batteries that are used in EV, Laptop, mobile.

EV has many advantages over Petrol Vehicles. They are more energy efficient and release no toxic gases. Due to this many countries are moving towards EV. EV doesn't require any Petrol or Diesel. They are run by Lithium batteries and here Lithium replaces Oil and Petrol. Friends and enemies are determined by cold national interest. US used regime change, wars and assassinations to control oil producing countries and through it ruled the world. US controlled Iran in 1954 but lost in 1979, US controlled Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Qatar, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Egypt at time to time.

The fevicol between friendship and Muslim countries is Oil. Muslim countries also used their close contacts with USA to spread Islam in Europe and all over the world. But geopolitics is all about timing and future and China realised importance of Lithium in future. As Middle East is the hub of oil reserve, South America is hub of lithium reserve. Specially three countries: Bolivia, Chile and Argentina Currently Chile has highest reserve of Lithium in world. Followed by Australia and Argentina.

Bolivia also has 21 M tonnes Lithium reserve. Lithium is highly reactive so it’s not found independently so to get lithium from lithium reserve requires huge production facility and here China have supremacy. Recently China signed agreement with Bolivia. Opposition parties of Bolivia saying that China gave bribes to get it. Although China is the fifth largest lithium producer country globally, Chinese companies control half of global lithium production and over 70% of Li battery production.

China's Tianqi Lithium is 2nd largest shareholder in Sociedad Química y Minera, a Chilean mining company, it also holds 51% stake in the world's biggest hard-rock lithium mine at Greenbushes in Western Australia. Ganfeng Lithium Co. also procured a 51 per cent share of Lithium Americas Corp's project in northern Argentina in 2020. These two companies held 30% of the global market share. Ireland, Canada and Zimbabwe host Chinese state-owned lithium mining companies.  World’s 148 out of 200 Li battery mega factories are located in China, Europe (21) North America (11).

Despite foreign dependency, China seems to dominate the market by aggressively buying lithium-related assets.

Now come to India

Bharat was slow in EV development because switching from Petrol to EV will shift Bharat’s dependence on China but recent discovery of 5.9 M tonne will be game changer for Bharat. It straight away brings Bharat at 3rd rank in Lithium reserve. Though it’s still at G3 stage that means very preliminary stage. G1 report will give more exact idea. Salal is 35 Km from Katra Vaishno Devi. Currently Indian Li battery companies are dependent on China for raw material but this new reserve have potential to change game completely and can give same advantage to Bharat that Middle East enjoyed for 100 years.

Use of Li Battery is expected to increase 100 times in next 7 years.

Apart from Li Battery, Bharat is also working on development of Sodium battery though it’s still have very initial stage. Bharat has abundance of Sodium. Bharat will face huge resistance from foreign funded NGO's to stop exploration of this reserve. They will try their best to stop Bharat by calling Lithium exploration as dangerous for environment and water reserves. And that's why we need a strong, honest, nationalist PM and govt in centre for at least 10 years so that we can use this Lithium reserve to become super power in World.

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