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Is it the beginning of the end for Pakistan?

Niranjan Bhombe

Soham Athavale

27 April 2023

"Pakistan, a country towards the north west of Bharat, separated from Bharat in 1947...."

....and was formed on religious fundamentalism. After 75 years we can see the difference between the two nations and the conditions they are in.

Currently Pakistan is at its lowest point. It is bankrupt! Pakistani people cannot even have two meals a day. Once a prosperous nation has now turned into rags. Let us see its history. We will be discussing the history of the last 60 years in a quick overview and we will also be seeing the immediate incidents of last 10 years in detail.

Pakistan was formed on the brink of cold war. Its strategic location near to Iran, Afghanistan and then USSR made it a matter of interest for the USA. Moreover Vietnam War broke out in 1955. East-Pakistan now Bangladesh, was of great importance for USA. Hence Pakistan got special attention and aide from the western block especially from the USA.

There was Reza Shah Pahlavi’s government in Iran which was supported by USA. There was the Soviet expansion going on in central Asia, more in Afghanistan. There was an anti USA sentiment brewing in Indo – China (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lagos). Hence USA wanted a regional operator. Pakistan was an ideal state for this as it was weak state with selfish leaders, ignorant and illiterate people, powerful army at least domestically and its strategic location.

This made easy money possible for the Pakistani administration. During cold war Pakistan was a landing ground for US Air force. They used to carry direct sorties over USSR. Cherry on the top was the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the formation of Soviet supported Babrak Karmal government in Afghanistan.

Pakistan received money for setting up mujahedeen training camps in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. Pakistan trained and armed the Afghan Mujaheeds and sent them back in Afghanistan to fight soviets. Later when soviets withdrew, the Afghan civil war started in 1994. Hence Pakistan continued its old and experienced industry of supplying terrorists.

During this peak period Pakistan economy bloomed. But ignorant and illiterate leaders never invested wealth in developing economy. Today Pakistan does not produce any goods which they can export (except terrorism). They don’t have any foreign industries setting up manufacturing lines. They don’t have any natural resources which they can exploit and improve economic conditions. Due to a prolonged period of improper administration, the scope for quality education is below bare minimum. This produces unemployed youth. The religious fanaticism adds up to all these points in making Pakistan what it is now.

Even after seeing and knowing all these, Pakistani law makers don’t even take steps to improve the conditions. Now let’s talk about the past 10 years of incompetency. Nawaz Sharif ex – Prime Minister of Pakistan realized maintaining relations with neighbors and developing own country. He took many steps like signing trade deals with Bharat, introducing anti-terrorism act and more. But we all know Pakistani political decisions are taken from Rawalpindi and not from Islamabad. Soon after that, Nawaz Sharif was discharged of his office as PM and re – elections were conducted. Imran Khan was elected as PM. Till date no Pakistani PM has completed his tenure in the office. Every PM was either killed or exiled and was replaced by a new one.

Since Khan took over as PM started taking decisions out of the conventional lines. His visit to China, Russia went little off track of Pakistan’s pro US stand. His closeness towards Chinese leadership showcased a shift in politics of Pakistan. Moreover demands of US like making a base to oversee Afghanistan were declined by him. Khan played an important role in bringing Taliban government in Afghanistan. But it led to forming of Tehrik – e – Taliban a terrorist group in Pakistan. Khan signed a standstill agreement with the terrorist group.

It is a matter of shame for any country if their Army clashes with their own Police. But Pakistan is an exception, such things happen there daily. Khan as PM signed agreement for CPEC with China and borrowed loan. He leased fishing rights in Baluchistan to China and jailed his own Pakistani fishermen. Pakistani government didn’t even think twice before selling its own daughters to China for flesh trade.

But as it is said every coin has two sides, Pakistani awaam is also equally responsible for this. Even after witnessing hardships in past still they are supporting people like Imran Khan.

Khan also had a clash with the then Army Chief: Qamar Javed Bajwa over appointment of the ISI chief. This was the last nail in the coffin. Looking towards Khan’s popularity, his audacity to cross the Army and his drift from traditional ways he was dethroned by the Pakistani Army and a new PM was brought, Shahbaz Sharif.

The current scenario is that the people are dying of hunger and the Pakistani politicians are trying to retain their power. There is a straight split in the Army. This was never seen before at least not this distinctive. There’s a group of people supporting former ISI chief Faiz Hamid and Imran Khan on one hand and a group of people supporting current Army chief Aseem Muneer and Shahbaz Sharif on the other. Amidst the economic and food crisis they are busy playing political games over each other. Pakistan is on the brink of either civil war or another coup.

The coming days will tell us its fate. Till then let’s just wait and watch.

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