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Bharat : An Emerging power of South-Asia

Niranjan Bhombe

Soham Athavale

9 March 2022

"There is an infinite list of such incidents where Bharat emerged as an influential nation...."

Bharat is a South-Asian peninsular country with a great history and advanced culture which unfortunately fell prey to mediaeval colonialism by the Europeans. According to the western media, Bharat is a so called third world backward country. But is it really true? The recent developments tell a whole different story. This so-called backward nation has completed over 140 crore+ vaccine jabs while the so called forward and educated first world countries are busy controlling protests against masks and vaccines.

Bharat has always been undermined by the western countries. But since the past decade Bharat has successfully established a strong identity of its own. It has emerged as an important South Asian power which cannot be ignored. The progress of past decade can be summed up in just once incident. The United States declined supply of raw materials for vaccines. Within 24 hours they had to change their decision and restart the raw material supply. It doesn't happen every day that a superpower changes its stance over a phone call from a developing nation. If we look back then we can see a whole list of events where Bharat emerged as an influential power. Then be it military, diplomacy or commerce, Bharat has always been influential. The surgical strikes in Myanmar and Pakistan, airstrikes and Galwan valley clash has proved the military might. The long list of military exercises showcases the equipment.

There is a list of incidents which can prove that Bharat is becoming and important power of South Asia. In a stand-off between USA and Iran, Iranian President urges Bharat to mediate between them. In 2018 USA had imposed sanctions on Iran but allowed Bharat to import oil till 2019. Bharat evacuated its people from Yemen by negotiating with Saudi and Yemeni government. Countries supported Bharat in UNSC during abrogation of article 370 from Kashmir. During US Iran stand-off HPCL, BPCL and Indian oil tankers were assured safe passage through the Strait of Hormuz by US and Iran. During COVID-19 medical help poured in Bharat from across the world. In return Bharat gave free vaccines to number of countries. Bharat also emphasized on waving TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) for vaccines in UN. This made the vaccines cheaper.

There is an infinite list of such incidents where Bharat emerged as an influential nation. Considering some recent incidents. Bharat imported S-400 air defense system from Russia. USA threatened to impose sanctions for the same. But later just warned the government. In the current Russia Ukraine war scenario, Bharat is the country which was pleased by the Ukrainians and some European countries to mediate in the situation and stop the war. Russian president spoke only to the Bharatiya prime minister regarding war. Bharat is the only country striving hard to evacuate its citizens from war torn Ukraine. Russia gave a safe passage to evacuate the Bharatiya citizens. Bharat is pleaded and pressurized to take sides in UNSC. Bharat's vote certainly makes a lot of difference there. France is requesting Bharatiya government to interfere in the war to establish peace and avoid the further destruction. Russian president himself offered to rescue Bharatiya citizens from Ukraine and send them back to Bharat.

To sum it up, Bharat has become a powerful nation of south Asia which cannot be neglected or undermined. Bharat holds an important place in world politics today and looking at the progress Bharat is cradle of global leadership.


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