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Top Finance Influencers in Bharat

Niranjan Bhombe

Siddhi Mehta

2 March 2023

"Talking about Bharat’s financial literacy - we are not well literate about the financial world,...."

.....the majority of the population believes that gold and fixed deposit are the safest forms of investment and that saving is only for an upcoming event or an uncertainty. These are a few of those many financial mindset problems of Bharat.


But here comes the hero - the internet due to which financial experts have along with their work turned into financial influencers. They are trying to spread the right knowledge using different platforms.


Indian financial influencers are posting content that is catchy to the eye and has the right proportion of data to be given to the audience. Basic awareness of finance is one of the most vital things one should have and if you belong to an industry that has no connection with finance then these influences are going to be a Guardian Angel for you.


Now the question arises - whom should I follow and listen to? There are a lot of Indian financial influencers. Here is the list and a short brief about why should you follow them!!


1.   Sharan Hegde

Sharan started his journey as a finance strategy analyst at KPMG and now is the co-founder of this finance brand Hedonova. Along with it, he creates content that is simple to understand and fun to watch. A 15-year-old and even a 60-year-old can understand finance if they follow Sharan!


2.   Neha Nagar

Neha talks about finance, startups, business, and various investment ideas, she is building entrepreneurs and assisting people to expand their startups, with a dream to encourage financial literacy through content creation.


3.   Raj Shamani

Raj has given more than 200 speeches around the world on financial freedom and is one of the youngest Indians to represent India at the United Nations. Along with being a content creator on various social media platforms, he is also an entrepreneur. He is an absolutely awesome growth investor and he assists people in understanding business and the world of investment in the easiest way possible.


4.   Anamika Rana

Anamika is a chartered accountant and also does content creation. She is the best person to understand how money can be managed in the most efficient manner. We would call her the crypto queen. She has been doing a lot of sessions and creating a lot of content in context of Crypto and it’s working. Her videos of around 1 minute, would make you full of knowledge. Being a finance field professional she can guide you in the most righteous way and in the right direction for your financial journey ahead.


5.   Nidhi Nagori

Nidhi is a chartered accountant from Bharat and a certified public accountant from the US and is currently working in the profession of finance. Along with it, she is creating content on various social media platforms and guiding people toward a great financial path in their life.


6.   Sarthak Ahuja

Sarthak talks about tax, finance, startup advisory, and startup funding on his LinkedIn and guides people on the right path of their financial journey. All his videos are around 30 to 60 seconds and for sure you will gain a very precious piece of information from every video of his. Talking about employment agreements to discussing various tax reforms, he does it all in the most simplest and in the most creative manner. His stock market videos are viral over the internet every time.


7.   Ishaan Arora

Ishant says that he is a 24/7 learner and this is what makes him different. He is one of the best Financial Advisors you would get on the internet. He is the co-founder of finladder, he is super active on his LinkedIn and keeps on posting content that is informative and also worth reading. He keeps on interacting with his followers on LinkedIn and replies to various different questions and doubts of his audience.


8.   Pratik Chauhan

Pratik is a fun and interesting content creator who is extremely curious about finance and investment. Along with his freelancing work, he started posting content on finance which is loved by lacs of users on the internet. All his content pieces are small and on point. You would find him on YouTube, where he is the most active and keeps on posting content. He is a great young finance content creator with a lot of information and ideas.


9.   Sarang Pokhare

Sarang is an IIM graduate and a Crypto currency expert. On his LinkedIn, he keeps on posting articles and blogs in the context of crypto currency, and its working. He also reviews various updates in the rules and regulations of the crypto currency world. If you are confused about anything on the context to Crypto then you should surely follow Sarang and all your doubts would be cleared within a few minutes. He is the ultimate guide of crypto.


10. Sayali Rai

Sayali is the co-founder of Fincocktail, she is super active on LinkedIn and keeps on posting content about the financial market and financial freedom, also she gives her followers a lot of financial tips. Now and then on her LinkedIn, she keeps on interacting with various business persons and content creators she makes videos for her business account and reposts all those videos on her personal LinkedIn. One of the latest videos they have discussed the union budget of India and has explained the budget in the simplest way for the audience.

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