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The role of community management in the crypto industry

Niranjan Bhombe

Siddhi Mehta

5 February 2023

"In any business, the primary question that comes to the mind of a businessman is,...."

.....who are my ultimate customers? And once an answer is found, the marketing and strategy are made according to the targeted audience or users. Similar is the situation in the crypto market. Let’s start with clearing our concept of community management. 



What is community management? 


Community management is a process through which the right audience would get in connection with the organization. With the help of the same, organizations can build engagement with the use of several social media platforms or via another alternative way on the internet. The entire procedure is done by community managers, they are the face of the organization or a group. 


Community managers are held responsible for every engagement-boosting activity. From PR to content creation, they execute the whole nine yards. 



How does community management work in the crypto industry? 


As we know now that the entire task is of community managers, and that is how it even works in the crypto industry. Community managers bring together the entire group of people in connection with the crypto market. They bring in investors, developers, speculators, and even newbies new bees who have some interest in the crypto industry. 


Crypto community managers have the vital responsibility of strategizing methods through which they would bring in potential users of their crypto currency. The most important and major requirement of a crypto community manager is a good amount of knowledge about crypto currency. It should be skilled to convey the right message to the right set of people. 


There are several ways through which community manager’s work to bring people to their community. Let’s go through each of them and learn how it works. 

  • Reddit - The heart of the crypto community. There are several ecosystems of community on the same that talk about every area of the crypto world. Ripple, the Crypto market, and Defi are a few of them. 

  • Second, comes Discord, from a chat app for gamers to a platform that has helped in building several crypto communities. In these chat groups, people talk about the latest crypto trends and it’s a great way to gain knowledge on the same. 

  • Last is the app that has literally everything about the crypto world, telegram. In telegram groups, one can share pictures, audio, and even videos. For community managers, it is the best possible way to get in touch with their target audience.

  • Coming to Twitter, is the largest platform to market crypto. It is the centre for all crypto lovers, from crypto enthusiasts to founders of coins everyone is on Twitter. Now and then there are several scapes are conducted on several topics. 


Roles played by community managers 


  • Content management and engagement development: The primary role of a community manager is to bring awareness about their particular coin to the target audience. They need to share unique content on social and market it in the best way possible. Get content creators with them and make video-form content that can be of several kinds. 


  • Feedback collection: Being connected to the audience over the internet, gives them the apex position in getting feedback and conveying that to the team. Like the right hiring can help a company grow, conveying the exact feedback to the team will help crypto currency improve in several directions. 


Building Strategy: Being connected to the end users of the coin, community managers can help in building strong strategies for the growth of the organization. They can help in building strategies that will give optimal outcomes outcome to the organization.

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