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What is the most required skill in the tech world?

Siddhi Mehta

6 December 2022

Niranjan Bhombe

"In the 1870s CHARLES DARWIN said that it is the fittest who will survive. It has almost been more than...."

In the 1870s CHARLES DARWIN said that it is the fittest who will survive. It has almost been more than 1.5 centuries since this message. Here by the word fittest he did not mean the strongest or the largest, he meant the one who would evolve or change as per the changing environment. This same thing applies to everything around you, and yes even technology.


We all know that technology is moving at the speed of light, but WHY SO?


Every now and then we come to know about a technology thing being used and its features keep our idea of advancement too underrated. On the other hand what would be the condition of these tech professionals? Do they keep updated on every new thing coming around? Well, these are a few of many questions.


Let's get to the main purpose of this article, what skills should you have to ace the tech world:


1.    Data science:

Data science includes basic three layers of work to be done to get a fruitful result. Designing of data, collection of data, and analysis of data. Several statistical methods are used by a data scientist to come up with a result that would lead to opportunities. There are several programming languages used, but the most used is python. The demand for data scientists is going to go sky-high in the upcoming years. No one would be able to extract information, work on it and get output out of it as a data scientist can. There were around 15000 openings for the position in the current year and the number keeps on going up.


2.    Cloud computing:

Keeping it simple to understand cloud computing is basically the delivery of computer services. These services include servers, storage, database, network, software, and much more. These are in general three categories of cloud computing services, private, public, and hybrid. It is a huge market in the time of the internet. Small to bug every organization is moving towards tech-driven business processes and that leads to high demand for clouding services too. If you are someone who wants to play a long game in your IT career CLOUD COMPUTING should be your ultimate choice.


3.    Artificial Intelligence:

To bring automation to life is basically artificial intelligence. The AI industry needs professionals like a research scientists, AI engineers, and even big data engineers. Your knowledge back up should be of MATLAB, C/C++, and Python. The field of artificial intelligence has had tremendous growth in the past and it is going to be upward in the coming years. Learning these skills that would help you in your AI career is not an easy task, but if your interest is built in the same then no one can ever stop you.


4.    Machine Learning:

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence, it basically means that machines are capable to work as humans do, with the same level of intelligence. It includes things like image recognition, voice identification, medical diagnosis, statistical abrigates, and even predictive analysis. Organizations are moving towards digitalization every single day and hence the demand for AI and even machine learning is increasing.


The learning process never stops, every new initiative is to be studied, understood, and even should be implemented irrespective of what field you want to build your career in. Hope is article helps you out.

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