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The World of Virtual Reality and a guide on how to survive in it!

Siddhi Mehta

27 December 2022

Niranjan Bhombe

"People tend to say, " It's the 20th century, grow up dude " and today....."

.....let me prove it to you. We have certainly come very far when it comes to technology, hence it is time to grow up and take the best advantages of technology to excel in life.


Talking about technology we cannot miss on - VIRTUAL REALITY. The word virtual means nearly and hence it exactly implies - NEARLY REAL. When it comes to virtual reality the first thing that comes to our minds is movies like Minority Report. However, virtual reality is much more than it. It has been used in educational institutes, video games, medicine, and much more. Speaking of VR in technical language it is a computer technology that creates a simulated environment.


The History of Virtual Reality -


Virtual reality was ideated back there in 1800’s, it was insisted with the idea of practical photography. And then several devices were invented, keeping virtual reality in mind. In the 1980s the founder of VPL research initiated the making of virtual reality glasses, gears, and things related to it. In that span of time, several such individuals worked in the virtual reality domain.


We have had a long journey in the area, but the best is yet to come. Today virtual reality is used in medicine, education, research, and whatnot, all thanks to several initiators from the past.


Why should one use virtual reality?


Virtual reality is used in our day-to-day life and for sure has made our lives a bit easier, as any other technological invention does. It has a potential entertainment value, it has taken the world of films, games, and weekend activities to a better level. The entertainment industry has amplified its growth with the use of virtual reality.


It has not just the entertainment industry but has had a positive impact on industries like medicine, tech, education, sports, and various other industries. Here are some examples that would clear your doubts on virtual reality:


●       In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the military is trained by using virtual reality. The navy, air, marine, and even coast guards practice with the help of VR.

●       The fashion industry is using virtual reality to train newbies and even to get an idea of what the dress would look like in reality if it is made.

●       Virtual reality has played a major role in the upliftment of the sports industry. A lot of doubts are being solved by the use of virtual reality.


The list is endless, but from a few of the many examples, you are now clear on the idea of virtual reality. Anything that is expensive, exclusive, and technologically ahead it means it is virtual reality.



How does VR work?


The working of virtual reality solely depends on its use, and as we know its use if different for different purposes.


Will it work via phone or a PC or some other device? How to manage it? How to operate it? And several such questions do come to your mind when it comes to virtual reality. Here is a short gist on - How does Virtual reality work?


●       If you are a developer, you should buy headsets that support SDK and such other development tools. Once you get a good understanding of its working, then you would be able to take the benefit of VR.

●       If you are willing to use VR in your company, group, or institute in advertising campaigns over social media then you can use VR apps and content.

●       Travel companies can give their clients a virtual exploration of the travel destination.


Depending upon the industry one can use VR, also it is not at all some rocket science to understand how it would work. Ask an expert and you are good to go.


Best VR sets available


Majorly the gaming industry has been exacerbated due to virtual reality and has progressed to a great extent. Due to which several brands have come up with VR sets in the market and hence there are high chances that you are confused on which one to go for. Here is the list of the most amazing VR sets available in the market:


●       Oculus quest 2

●       Google daydream

●       HTC ViVE pro

●       Samsung gear VR

●       Procus One



Augmented reality is different from VR


Many people are still confused between the concept of VR and AR. Let us make it clear for you, VR means an artificial world created that can be seen through a specific headset, here it would make one believe that everything is real. On the other hand, AR means that our own world becomes the framework within which objects and images are set.


Also, we have a combination of both called mixed reality. It would give the next level of experience to the user.





●       Cost involved: Virtual reality requires high-end devices to assist its working, and due to which the cost is high. Also, it offers several features in a single headset like a display screen, optics, motion sensors, and much more. We feel the price taken is worth the value.

●       Before buying any VR sets, watch reviews on the internet to make sure that you make a right choice and do not end up making a wrong purchase.

Pro tip: Watch YouTube videos

●       When there is best available in the market, why settle for good or even better, in that case, here we are talking about the technology available in the market. By use of virtual reality get the most smooth and enjoyable experience.

●       If you want your business to gain growth and you belong to such an industry where you can be benefited by VR, You should for sure go for it. In the past, we have seen how technology has had an impact on businesses and assisted them to grow. Just like that it is your time to go for it.

●      If you are a gamer, and want to grow. Virtual reality is going to be your partner.

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