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How dangerous is Dark Web?

Siddhi Mehta

4 April 2023

Niranjan Bhombe

"The internet has evolved to a great extent, since its discovery, out of which one of the most ...."

.....controversial ones was the Dark Web. It is basically similar to the secret room of your house. One needs to use specialized web browser to access sites on the dark web. And just like two sides of a coin, Dark Web has its own advantages and disadvantages. 


Using the Dark Web people can keep their privacy safe and express their views and on the other hand there are several other situations that has proved that Dark Web can be a big red flag. As it is quoted before that we humans are great at inventions but not good with the use of those inventions, similar is the case here. 



Is it illegal? 


The clearest answer is, NO it is not illegal to use Dark Web. But some activities being conducted on Dark Web are totally illegal, like child abuse, supporting terrorism, and selling illegal drugs or weapons. 

Who can use Dark Web?


Anyone who knows how to access it, can use it. But there are two main reasons behind people opting to use the Dark Web. The first one is to hide the identity of oneself. Maybe people do it to express an opinion without the fear of being identified or to reduce the risk of data theft. The second reason can be to access hidden services. Also, popularly known as onion services in the internet world. Here the IP address of the site cannot be identified. But, looking at the past of Dark Web it is very much clear that this feature is majorly used for illicit purposes. 


Risk Involved in the use of Dark Web 


Young people may get access to pornography, can come across videos of harmful incidents, or can get in connection with sellers of drugs. One needs to be very precise about what they see on Dark Web. There are several people on Dark Web looking for their targets. There is always a high risk of exploitation on Dark Web. 


The history of the Dark Web says that ‘sex offenders’ use Dark Web, they generate inappropriate material, and sort of target youngsters. 



Is Dark Web dangerous? 


As we read in the above para about the risks involved in the use Dark Web, it is very much clear that it is dangerous to use Dark Web. Since it gives the power to the users to hide their identity and use it, it is going to lead to unappropriated activities. Scams can happen within seconds over the Dark Web. Cheaters, hackers, and frauds have their own place over here. There are replicas of websites too, this makes it even more difficult to identify the original or genuine one.


If you want to visit Dark Web and understand its works, you must keep in mind all the above mention points. Especially the risk part. Be a wise user of the Dark Web and use it for legally appropriate purposes only.

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