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Animation is the future!

Siddhi Mehta

31 January 2023

Niranjan Bhombe

"What does the animator exactly do?? Might be one of the questions in your mind. Animators create....."

.....animation and visual effects for everything from film, video, television mobile, and other forms of media using illustrations and software programs. And are also great at creating graphics and developing artistic masterpieces.


Animation is one of the most versatile mediums that is used in the world today. Many companies have grown to a great extent due to animation as their core business. One such business is DISNEY!! It is one of the most highly effective tools in marketing, advertising, and even education and that is totally about the unique ability to communicate messages in a highly memorable way. 


The world of animation today- is one of the most satisfying and lucrative professions and is attracting people in droves towards it. Professionals in this profession are experiencing growth and are satisfied with their pay checks. The world of animation is not just restricted to kids' cinema but is expanding to various areas in the right way. It has been seeking careers in the Motion pictures and film industry and also advertising and software Publication.



Future of Animation


The future of animation seems much more interesting with higher and higher demand every single day in the upcoming time. The demand for creating 4K films would be seen. The Global animation industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of an overall 11.5% during the future period. The world is moving towards digitalization and to replicate businesses in the digital world and to gain a platform everybody would require a great social media audience for sustaining and gaining this audience it is vital to represent the business in the right manner and that is where animators join in.

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