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Personality and Emotions – What is more appealing?

Niranjan Bhombe

Manwa Kulkarni

2 June 2023

"Many factors often directly or indirectly even knowingly and unknowingly keep bothering us...."

.....and Emotions is one such formally defined psychological state that involves – physical, behavioural and cognitive components determining individual’s perception towards that particular stimulus. As every personality trait has an emotional reaction pattern characteristic of it & can understood by the basic theories of personality and the emotional components attached to it because personality traits predispose genetic and situational factors.

It is proposed that human beings usually experience wide range of emotions in different combination but still there are eight basic categories of emotions which are universal and biologically determined. This is expressed via body postures, gestures, eye contact, tone & pitch of voice and most importantly by facial expressions of every person. So, emotions are considered as innate reactions because it can be either positive or negative, even sometimes mixed emotions which are polar opposites and vary in intensity.

Most of the studies focus on understating the role of personality in emotional stability. As this does not mean emotions have no role in influencing personality. There exists a popular consensus that personality is an interplay of nature and nurture. So, the role of emotions in personality comes within the component of nurture. Emotions start affecting personality from childhood and further, components of personality also develop out of an individual's frequent emotional reactions and experiences.

Some research suggests that there are two types of Personalities:

Type A – Competitiveness, Hostility, Impatient, Frustration – this type of people often engaged in multitasking activities simultaneously and angered easily if prevented from reaching goal seeking to accomplishment. But eventually experience increase risk of heart problems because of excessive stressful situations arouse them physiologically leading to affecting circulatory system.

Type B – Non- competitiveness, patience, lack of aggression, rarely hostile.

Next comes in particularly with Indian context that, Prejudices, Gender Discrimination & Stereotypical Behaviour are often considered to be part and parcel of human behaviour as well as culture, like an attitude of looking towards others because many emotions are attached to it since ages. As certain negative emotional responses towards specific things are found to be deeply rooted in cognitive and emotional processes which being very close to cultural norms, values, ethics and other standard criteria: which are not only just harmful because of threat having vast identification but also leads to human rights violation. Yet it appears that concept of emotions culture-bound and various cultures in the world have different mode of expressing emotions.

Finally, it is necessary to enhance positive emotions in daily routine which ultimately broaden our focus, opens up new possible opportunities, builds up personal resources and help to cultivate good feelings as a part of emotional intelligence with the help of different strategic techniques. For that it is important to accept other person as a separate individual having unique personality traits and emotional patterns. Also always try & be open to adapt changes by taking risks, strengthening limits and challenging weaknesses. Practice celebrating your own progress to boost own confidence by figuring out what exact one wants in life and so to make consistent efforts for the same.

Accept your past and move ahead, validate your own feelings and be compassionate. Also remember one cannot please everybody every time so set yourself free and don’t be captive. Instead surround yourself by positive and supportive people who will influence and motivate you by making you happy.

Hence, Emotions and Personality both are significant parts of how one views the world, and they are both affected and get affected by each other, making this whole interplay between emotions and personality a very interesting relationship to study. Understanding these constructs has important implications as it enables us to understand and predict own & others behaviour and observe, understand and modify them when actually tried implementing and practically applied in everyday life, makes the world a better place to be!



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