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Personality and Behaviour – Two sides of the same coin?

Niranjan Bhombe

Manwa Kulkarni

1 June 2023

"Psychology studies science of the mind or soul that tries to understand human behavior & ....."

....mental processes where Personality plays a significant role. It helps to gather information about the nature and the definition of human behaviour as well as its development, structure, trait constructs, other dynamic processes, variations and maladaptive forms that ultimately affects human behaviour. Personality is a combination of both physiological as well as psychological aspects and is also influenced by various other factors. Personality is formed by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment which is a continuous process and so it is assumed that personality is primarily motivated by every individual’s inner force and certain conflicts about which a person has very little awareness but balance and coherence is still maintained.

As every individual is different so each has their own unique personality. Behaviour is a mode of expression that is how person reacts to certain things happening around or a response to a stimulus which includes overt and covert activities. It is observed that behaviour is often motivated by unconscious memories, knowledge, beliefs, feelings and instincts of which individual is unaware, but all this determines person’s characteristic behaviour and thought. So though Human Behaviour is highly complex and variable but Personality makes it very appealing and too simplistic with the help of few approaches.

Traits are important ways of describing every individual’s personality because traits are relatively enduring and consistent ways of thinking, behaving and feeling that are either highly generalized dispositions that indicates person’s entire life or be influential in few situations associated with that individual which determines people’s behaviour by their heredity. Thus, everyone’s behaviour has special qualities that help to differentiate them from each other yet underlined with few socio-cultural factors which are mostly common in all.

A concept of - defence mechanism, is an unconscious psychological operation that functions to protect a person from anxiety-producing thoughts and feelings related to internal conflicts and outer stressors which is similar everywhere. But if these defence mechanisms are used to such an extent that reality gets distorted and person gradually develops various forms of maladjustment. But after accepting inborn personality traits it becomes bit easier to adapt with other things in surrounding because here Social Psychology has similarities related with Personality. It is a committed field that investigates oneself as well as others based on certain norms, values, ethics and by applying conscious efforts in understanding scientific nature of human behaviour with the help of various socializing agents like Family, Peer Groups, School or Workplace & Culture.

The process to seek information and to know about other people and analyse their behaviour is called as Perception & perceiving others accurately is very important for effective interaction along with other non-verbal movements that helps in understanding personality with the help of facial expressions and eye contact, which ultimately influences social relationships in informal situations.

Later, the knowledge which helps in predicting future actions and draw inferences is called as Attribution. It not only concerns the efforts to understand cause behind others behaviour but also own individual behaviour. Sometimes, people even engage in a tendency to attribute own positive outcome of behaviour to internal causes while negative outcome of behaviour to external causes because here expectation needs to succeed by protecting and enhancing own self-esteem. So, it is necessary to change pattern of attribution especially when things are not in our control instead of being blown out by winds of unpredictable fate.

Personality and Human Behaviour also values first time impression formation of others which is considered to be more accurate but under certain conditions earlier formed impressions are reserved after acquiring new information or by rejecting existing information, well just to adjust with others better which is quite normal and acceptable. Attitudes play a crucial role in people’s evaluation of almost any aspect of the world because attitudes are capable of colouring each aspect of individual experience. Hence, it influences human behaviour when attitudes are strong and accessible, having long term consequences on person’s decision making ability. Even positive thoughts might predict attitudes because it is simply formed as way by observing others in social learning. When attitudes are based on moral convictions, it can give rise to intense emotions so it is potentially considered a strength of attitudes in human behaviour. Various techniques can be used to change others attitudes like Interpersonal Influence or Social Adaptability used in effective interaction with others. The unselfish & empathetic motive of Altruism by helping others just out of concern for non-extrinsic reasons is part of human behaviour which even includes a sole desire to help other person in need, along with that, trying to perceive their emotions openly. All this finally results in coping with everything related to Personality!




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