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The Life and times of Saint Meerabai

Niranjan Bhombe

Prachi Athavale

3 March 2023

"एक प्रेम दीवानी (राधा)
"The one who is deprived of love"...."

..... एक दरस दीवानी (मीरा)…

"The one who is deprived of devotion"


Mirabai, Sant Mirabai, or Meera is one of the most revered philosophers and saints of ancient Hindu culture, religion, and Bharat. She is the pillar and pioneer of devotion towards Krishna from the 16th century. She is known for her struggles in life as a girl, a married woman, and an ardent devotee of Krishna


Many people, the religious scriptures and philosophies describe her as a devotee who was dearest to Krishna. She struggled a lot to establish her devotional feelings of her towards her Lord, almighty, and successfully paved the way towards heaven through her prayers and offerings to God. 


Meera, Mirabai was one of the ladies of her times who are tagged as fearless and disregardful towards societal conventions. Mirabai in particular was tortured for her selfless and conditional devotion to lord Krishna. She has been depicted as the lady who thought of Krishna as her husband. She was very passionate about Krishna since her early years. 


Meera was born into the Rathore Rajput royal family in Kudki village of Rajasthan (which is now Pali district) while she spent her childhood in Merta. Meera whose birth name was Jashoda Rao Ratan Singh was married to Bhoj Raj who was crowned prince of Mewar. Bhoj Raj died fighting a battle with Delhi Sultanate in 1521 soon after their marriage in 1516. After the death of Bhoj Raj, Mirabai’s father and father-in-law also died fighting the Battle of Khanwa against Babur. 


Sant Mirabai who was a follower of Krishna is said to be part of the Bhakti movement which was one of the most important movements in Bharat. It was the most difficult time for the Hindu religion and Mirabai contributed to the religion during these times in many ways. She contributed through poems, hymns, compositions, and short lines addressed to Krishna, devotion, prayers, and offerings. 


She is one of the most important saints who is worshiped by people in North Bharat and temples and religious places idolize her. Her poems and compositions are well known and are part of prayers and devotional songs in practice even today. There are several hymns addressed to her and these compositions are sung in her praise to acknowledge her devotion towards Krishna.



Mythological depiction of the struggle of Meera:


It is believed that there was a time when Mirabai was tortured by her relatives depriving her of following her love, devotion, and affection towards Krishna. Her relatives and natives are said to have assassinated her by sending a glass of poison that did not harm her. Also, a story states that she was sent a snake which turned into a garland of flowers and automatically fell on the idol of Lord Krishna. 


Later, it is said that Mirabai started living her life as a Saint wearing saffron and playing musical instruments while praising and expressing her love and devotion toward Lord Krishna. During this stage of her life, she became a prominent religious preacher and philosopher. She was recognised by many as a divine mystic and influencer. She influenced many people to follow the path of sacred devotion and encouraged people to believe in religion. 


Mirabai and her life are not just restricted to devotion and philosophy but she rather established the importance of one-sided dedication, love, affection, and unconditional selfless offerings to the almighty. She who had considered Lord Krishna as her spiritual husband has many times expressed her feelings of being deprived of being able to connect to him for real and has expressed how she couldn’t see him or be with him in her life but continued to devote to him till she last breathed. Many times she is also compared to Radha who was one of the most devoted followers and worshipers of Lord Krishna. Thus, Mirabai is the second most revered lady worshiper of Lord Krishna after Radha.


Legendary characters of Radha and Meera have been prominently recognised and worshiped in Bharatiya culture and traditions. There are places where both of the females are profoundly loved and followed as the prime source of achieving the blessings of Lord Krishna


Just as we know and have heard several times that Radha and Mira are nothing but incarnations of Krishna who were brought to reality by Maya of none other than the almighty, the only truth and the omnipresent God, Krishna.

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