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Diwali and its significance in the modern times

Niranjan Bhombe

Prachi Athavale

21 October 2022

"We all know and we all have read about the significance of Diwali as per the Hindu culture but...."

.....have we all ever thought about the relevance of celebrating Diwali in today's world?


Many of us don't think of Diwali to be as relevant as it should be today. Most of the youngsters relate with it just because they have been following it since childhood. For many Diwali is just a means of having fun and enjoyment. While on the other hand, many of us especially the current generation just love this festival because of the Holidays.


But, do you realize that this festival is beyond fun and enjoyment in many ways.


Diwali is probably the biggest and the most widely celebrated festival of Bharat. Diwali plays an important role for various reasons throughout the country.

The first and foremost reason being keeping up the spirits high for this festival is the greatness of the Hindu Dharma to be approved and recognised by we Hindus by accepting and following our culture through this.


There are several reasons to prove that this festival is the most important of all festivals of our religion. Diwali is the festival of prosperity and happiness. This festival is a deal breaker for lot of people and their business. Also, it proves to be good boost to our economy.


We all know, during Diwali we spend maximum of our income on various materialistic things. It is the only time of the year in our culture that we are taught to keep our pockets open for new and best products and services in the market.

In Diwali multiple businesses and businessmen get benefitted. Irrespective of the religion they follow they get to experience abundance in their professions.


All the hardworking common people also get many benefits and get a lot of things which they don't throughout the year. This festival brings happiness in many ways.


The whole country has a lot to do during this time. They get their rewards in return in large quantity for the hardships they go through.


Many local and retail businesses flourish during this time. There are several new businesses starting from scratch and gaining immense success during this time of the year.


In Bharat, most importantly the lamps manufacturers, fireworks manufacturers, sweetmarts, jewellers and textile industry are at the peak during the time of Diwali.


All of these factors make it important for the government to support this festival throughout the country. The economic growth and development makes it easier for the government to run the economy well.


The government even though politically driven sometimes think twice before imposing unnecessary restrictions on celebration of this festival.


The people of this country irrespective of their religion need to know that festivals of Bharat bring source of riches and are very important. Bharat is the only country to follow Hinduism on a large scale and hence it is the only country which has festivals throughout the year. The festivals of Bharat are very much liked and appreciated by people in the world. But many times we the youth of this country are ignorant towards our own culture.


Yes, we all do celebrate festivals. We all enjoy every festival these days. But, many of us post hate speeches and make bad publicity of our own festivals by doubting the way of its celebration.


We need to understand that even though there are few people who create nuisance in the society, knowingly as well as unknowingly and the government must certainly impose strict laws for such factions of the society. But it should not be a way of suppressing all the other religious followers.


People of our own religion sometimes keep saying or keep posting stuff like stop the use of firecrackers or do not use colours when it comes to the celebration of Hindu festivals, but we forget that this creates an ugly image of our own country in minds of others and that even sentiments of people following our customs religiously are disregarded.


Many celebrities have made their thoughts very clear that we should not harm the environment by lighting up the firecrackers, keep the environment pollution free. These fireworks are also used during various other events by the same celebrities. They use firecrackers during their events and also many other religions and country celebrate their festivals by burning firecrackers too.


The New Year celebration throughout the world is done by burning firecrackers in immense quantity. There are firework shows specially arranged for the year end celebration in countries like China, Japan, and USA etc. And we enjoy these shows sitting at our home with wide eyes.


Why do we object the same customs and traditions in our country for our own festivals?


As much as we are sensitive towards other Religions and towards living creatures and humanity, so should we be equally sensitive towards celebration of Hindu festivals in the same way and honour our traditional believes by following them regularly without any hesitation.


Hindu festivals always teach us to respect each other, support each other and make each other happy by our love and care.

It is high time that we show the same love, care and respect to our religion, our culture. Rather it should be the responsibility of every Hindu to be respectful towards our culture.

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